Creative agency Booreiland hired me to design a very elaborate and luxurious invitation for law firm Stibbe's annual celebration, this edition being held at the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam. 

Inspired and guided by the wonderful tools used during sea travels, I made the invitation as seen in the pictures below. It showed and visualized the use of a sextant, a tool used to determine position by the position of the sun (or the northern star) in relation to the horizon. 
The stars surrounding the illustrated sextant are real zodiac signs, of october, november and december, mimicking the time of year in which the invitation was send out. 
The round 'card' could be turned and the open quarter showed all information necessary. 

It was send in a custom made box, including a RSVP card and address label with gold details. 
Needless to say, it was true pleasure making this.